NayPyiTaw parliamentary study trip


Feb 28, 2019

In February 25,26 2019 TYC’s staffs, batch 3 of YECE participants and university students totally 33 people visited to NayPyiTaw parliamentary for studying and learning the current democratization practice in Myanmar.

First day

In the first day, we altogether met with 7 different townships representative members of parliament then introduce about the TYC and the objective of doing the parliamentary study. Therefore the MPs gave the inspire speech to young learners and the participants came up with a lot of questions such as;

How is the government responsible on the environmental issue and natural resources management?

How many percentages of young people participate in politics?

What is the impact of youth policy that was implement by government when the young people from Kayar state was against it?

In addition, Why did the opium substitution crop are lack of price in Southern Shan State?

Most of the question were very fantastic from young learners but the MPs’ answers were not reach the point that they hope and they are not satisfied on it. Anyway, the MPs helped us a lot to visit to the parliamentary compound and we got networking with them. They may respond to come and visit our TYC to meet and share political knowledge to young people. We really appreciate and grateful to them for organizing the MPs and giving their time for meeting with young people.

Second day

We have learnt the law amendment on drafting consumer protection law, which disapproved between upper and lower house of parliaments. The chairperson of parliament used voting system to approve the article of law amendment, most of the vote are win get over 400 vote in each article.

Third day

The participants hold the parliamentary review in February 27, 2019 when they got back to Taunggyi.

Most of the participants are the first time visiting to the parliament and feel impressive during the study. On the other hand, they also mention that the legitimacy government could not work very well for the country development and they give many reasons for that.  

This parliamentary trip has made a change their attitude to realize in political practice in their area. Some of them are hope to become future representative leader for the community and for the country.

Finally, we appreciate all of the TYC staffs and participants who made the great event happened to NayPyiTaw parliamentary trip.

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