Batch 3 of YECE Students Visit to Shan State Parliamentary


Feb 5, 2019

Currently, TYC was running the project of Promoting Civic Engagement and Political Mobilization among Shan State Youth in Taunggyi. During that function, TYC was provided the learning space and library for young learners and CSOs to engage among each other for their practice work.

TYC was running 3 months program to train and promote multi-ethnic youth on political and civic engagement as Youth Empowerment & Civic Engagement Program through in Shan State.

In the 3 month program, young people are able to learn the Politic(Democracy, Myanmar Political Situation, Federalism, Peace), learn English Language, Computer, Civic Education, Asset Based Community Development, Research & Documentation, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Women Rights, Land Rights, Environmental, Project Cycle Management and Parliamentary study.

On February 8, 2019, the YECE students went to visit and hear the second term of Shan State parliament meeting. After they joined it they came out with a lot of curious questions about the function of parliamentary and township representatives’ submitting letter when they do a review and discussion section.

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