About TYC


Taunggyi Youth Center was established on January 4, 2016.   It was originally developed at the local teashop, as the active young participants have been discussed the situation of youth by seeing thousands of them who attend university without any future educational guarantee. However, the establishment of youth center was not an accident. It was gain this idea from the experiences of working at the American Center (Yangon) and international experiences. More importantly, is that due to the political system and the youth are in an under control of the military regime.

Previously we have eager to learn educational out of our society and local city and after complete it, we didn’t see any space to apply for the young learner so why TYC have been sited. Nowadays young learner has choices to use a space for the future educational center with their thematically a clear goal.  

Therefore, TYC believes to provide possibilities for opening the youth center to support, equip, inspire and guide for their future development and leadership. It also must be a space for gathering, socializing, creative acting and informing that would support young people in the creation of their own activities. 

About TYC

Taunggyi Youth Center (TYC) was formed on January 4, 2016, by active young people who have spent their time and energy for the background of learning from a national and international study. TYC is nonprofit organization focus on education and civic engagement.

Our Vision

Toward Youth Development and Civic Leadership in Myanmar


To connect youth from different backgrounds, provide a space where the youth meet to learn exchange and expose opportunities that will aid in their educational and civic engagement.

Core Values

1.         Inclusivity & Diversity

2.         Equality

3.         Participation

4.         Responsibility

5.         Mutual Respect

6.         Cooperation & Collaboration

7.         Teamwork

Target Groups

1.         Political Party Youth

2.         Grassroots Community

3.         Civil Society Organization

4.         University Students and Teacher